Dry Erase Boards & Bikes Named James Murphy

Today, around 2 pm I heard a thud and the slam of the front porch door.  I rose from the computer just in time to catch a glimpse of a fella in all brown duds climbing into his delivery vehicle.  A package!!!  I am such a sucker for surprises, but who isn’t, right?

I went out the front door and there on the enclosed front porch was a very large package.  Not only was it large but flat.  I thought it was probably something boring like an air filter and that it had to be for my roommate, Alan.  But there printed in bold, black ink was my name on the address label.  Then, I looked over to other flap of the box and saw a description of what was inside.  The tears started flowing.

Ken's incredibly thoughtful gift for me and my new business venture

While on the phone last week, I told Ken about the large dry erase board at Revolution Fitness that I really liked.  I said that I thought I could use one to map out marketing strategies, etc.

Not only did he listen to me (we have a joke that he’s allowed not to listen to me 10% of the time, but I often think he stretches that to a much higher percentage), he got me one.

Yep, that’s right, I was on my front porch crying, holding a large box that I knew contained a dry erase board.

Now, there are a few reasons that a dry erase board brought me to tears.

1.  I miss Ken tremendously and more and more his sweet gestures and loving words make me cry.

2.  I know that Ken believes in me, but somehow seeing my new dry erase board hanging on the wall is a constant reminder that he is cheering for me to succeed.  And, I don’t know about you, but there are days that knowing I have a fan club pushes me to work harder.

3.  I am a woman and some women cry a lot.  I am a crier.  Recently, I read an article in Women’s Health Magazine explaining why women cry more than men and why they should cry whenever they felt the need.  Apparently, you don’t gain as much weight if you cry. So, ladies, stop fighting back those tears – let ’em roll down your cheeks and melt away a pound or two.

Tickets to LCD Soundsystem! Watch out James Murphy!!!

On a related note … I’m going to NYC in less than 2 weeks to see my favorite band ever play their last show at Madison Square Garden!!  That’s right, me and my BFF, Caroline, are going to see lead man James Murphy and his crew rock out courtesy of none other than Ken Herringdine – it’s my anniversary gift. How is this related, you may ask.  Well, when I received the tickets, you guessed it – I cried.

About the band…I started listening to LCD Soundsystem back in 2005.  I remember the first time I heard the song “Losing My Edge” and listening to it again and again and again, Googling all the bands Murphy was namedropping but I didn’t know.  From then on I was hooked.  I like it all; From the catchy stuff like “Daft Punk is Playing at My House” that hit some charts to the slightly more somber “Movement”, I don’t think they have released anything that I don’t like.  Murphy and his DFA Record label are brilliant.

So you get it.  I like them.  Last year, I had tickets to  Pitchfork Music Festival , the annual festival put on by oh- so-clever-when-it-comes-to-anything-music0related (semi-facetious comment) people at www.pitchfork.com that I bought mostly because I was going to be able to see LCD.

But, I bought those before I knew that I would fall totally in love with Ken and he would move to Boston and that if I went to Chicago for the festival, I wouldn’t get to see him.  I chose Ken over LCD Soundsystem and had an amazing weekend in Minneapolis instead.  Absolutely no regrets there.

From the very beginning of our relationship, I think Ken knew of my adoration of LCD Soundsystem.  He probably found out when I referred to “James Murphy” as my mode of transportation – as in, “No need to pick me up, I’ll ride James Murphy.”  In Memphis, I rode my bike everywhere.  I even went over a month without driving at all.  At one point I mentioned to Ken that maybe I should sell James Murphy (James Murphy is a vintage English commuter bike – a 1969 Raleigh Folder to be exact) and buy a bike that would be a bit more practical for commuting here in Boston.  Ken told me that he viewed James as part of our relationship, so he is still my two-wheeled supa-star and plan to keep ’em with me always.

Me on James Murphy in my apartment in Memphis

Back to work.  I think I’ll map out my tomorrow on my dry erase board.