The Best Things in Life Aren’t Things…

We all know that life has it’s challenges and the past few months have definitely been challenging for me.  Since moving to not-quite-Boston, and especially since being laid off earlier this month, I am finding true joy in moments that I may have taken for granted in the past.

Here is a list of moments in my days that make me happy to be healthy and alive…

1. Feeling the sun hit me through a window.  This has been an infrequent sensation here in Boston, but with the arrival of Spring, while the temperature has yet to budge, the sun got the message and is showing up more often.  Yesterday, feeling the sun on my back while sitting by a living room window brought a smile to my face.  Simple moments…

2. Phone calls from dear friends and family.  Each day I miss dozens of people – family members of course, but also friends I made in Jackson, Miss. and Memphis, Tenn. Talking to any of these folks brightens my day.

3.  Skype calls from Ken.  Hearing the bubbly Skype notification of someone signing on always triggers a bit of anticipation around the time Ken normally calls.  Then, hearing his voice and seeing his face brings me pure joy.

4.  Burying myself under a soft, warm blanket with a cup of hot tea or coffee in hand makes me feel good all over – morning or night.

5. Speaking of coffee, starting the day with a good cup of coffee (occasionally with a splash of Bailey’s) can’t be beat

6.  Time on the trails – running or walking, when I am on the trails, life seems simple and peaceful.

7.  A hard workout – pushing myself to be the fittest I can be feels fantastic.

8.  Doing anything nice for others.  Putting a smile on someone else’s face, puts one on mine.

9.  A glass of wine, good music and reading a magazine, a good blog, New York Times online or even flipping through Tumblr pages is a relaxing way to spend the evening.

10. Thinking of Ken arriving home safely and enjoying this Summer with him makes me giddy.

What moments throughout your day make you happy?