Long Time, No Talk: Part One

It's been awhile and we definitely need to catch up.

Hey there, folks.  It has been wayyyyy too long since I posted.  I guess I got distracted by starting my own business, an ever increasing workload (which is great!) , Ken’s return from Afghanistan, our Tour de South, our trip to Kenya, move to Cambridge from Arlington, and enjoying day-to-day life as KeJen.  But, enough with the excuses, I should have written months ago. But, since I didn’t, this post will be all about catching up.

APRIL – I launched Ginger Social – a boutique (fancy way of saying super small and run all by myself) social media management firm, focused on helping small businesses reach their customers and strengthen relationships.   I began with one fantastic client, Solid Body Fitness, and now, have six – including a Hahvad (that’s Harvard for those who don’t read Bostonian) based education journal.  It’s been a slow process but, I have met some excellent folks, learn more and more each day, and really like what I do.

The first day of Spring happens each April, as you probably know.  With Spring, generally come the rain showers that bring May flowers.  Not in Boston.  Nope, the first day of Spring instead brought a couple of inches of snow.  I halfway convinced myself that it must just snow year ’round here.

MAY – Things began warming up a bit.  I scored a great client in the Plough & Stars in May and had a great time counting down the days to Ken’s arrival home by watching lotsa live music there.

JUNE/JULY – Ahhh, June.  With 6 long months of waiting coming to an end, I prepped for Ken’s arrival home. Then, it happened.  It was remarkably good to see him!  I was nervous and excited and happy and I fell in love with him even more.

The night of Ken's arrival we went to Hooters for a televised MMA fight and because Ken loves owls. ; )

In the days after Ken’s arrival home, we packed up a house, putting everything in storage, and found an apartment.  We then flew to Atlanta for our Tour De South.  We visiting my family in Mississippi, our friends in Memphis, and my family in Kentucky before heading back to Atlanta to spend some time with his family and friends.

Our pal Greg welcomed us back to Memphis with this nice note on the chalkboard at Bardog.

Me, Memaw & Pops in West Point, MS (not the best pic, but thankful Ken took it).

Following over two weeks of driving through the South and visiting family and friends, plus camping with friends a couple of nights outside of Atlanta, we headed back to Boston.  I had to knock out a couple of meetings before we went on our big adventure.  KeJen Went To Kenya.  Yep, we spent 10 days in Kenya.  And it was   a  m  a  z  i  n  g!!!!  Many of you have heard the stories of our trip, but if you haven’t call, email or comment here and we will tell you all about it.

We got to spend about 8 hours exploring London on the way to Kenya.  We landed in Nairobi and caught a flight to Mombasa, on Kenya’s East coast where we met up with a couple of Ken’s friends who live there and stayed at a great resort called The Voyager.   We hungout by the pool, went running on the beach, went into Mombasa with our local friends and went snorkeling (me) and scuba diving (Ken) one day, too.  It was beautiful and I didn’t want to leave.  Except, we had another adventure to go on when we left Mombasa – we climbed Mt. Kenya.    I’ll write soon and share more about our trip, tell you where you can find all the pics from London and Kenya,  let you know how we are liking Boston, what we have been up to and lots more info you didn’t know you couldn’t live without.

Kwa heri (that’s goodbye in Swahili).

While in Mombasa, we did a lot of this...

Whirlwind tour of London was literally windy (check out my hair).