Monday Motivation

I am tired of fitness memes. I’m guilty of posting them in the past, but I’ve been thinking about them lately and I just don’t get it.  The whole, “Get up and workout and you’re going to look like this (airbrushed or not) fitness model,” idea is BS. I mean, really.  Sure, I want to look good in a bathing suit as much as the next person, but I want to look like ME. Also, I like living life to the fullest. I used to say often, “Everyday is a party.” I didn’t mean go out and get smashed and act silly, but just enjoy life fully – live it up. You can be healthy and happy and workout and run and eat good foods and watch TV and movies and sit and relax sometimes and sleep in late and enjoy good beer/wine/cocktails if you wish, and be absolutely beautiful. You don’t have to “KILL YOUR WORKOUT” everyday. Let’s be real, even the most dedicated athletes have off days where going through the motions is all we have in us. What’s important is to be honest with yourself about your goals and the work you have to do to get there. My goals are to feel great everyday and to run well. So, instead of posting a MONDAY MOTIVATION MEME of some chic I’m never, ever gonna meet and never going to look like, I’m going to post a pic of me from last weekend’s Traprock 50k. A race where I felt AWESOME, ran smart and had a blast enjoying our beautiful Earth and the company of other trail runners. Today, get out there today, get it done, love life and love your fellow inhabitants on this earth – human and otherwise.  Make today a party. ♥ Jen

Traprock 50K fun!

Traprock 50K fun!


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